Saturday, February 20, 2010

World Peace and Devil Tylenol

Yesterday my mum made a little bit of world peace. Yup. That's right. She made scones. Scones! And they were delicious. Here they are partially made:

I dough love you... Sorry. Lame.

More importantly here they are finished...

Cranberries! Look at the Cranberries!

...and ready to be consumed.

Mmmm... Yumalicious from Mumalicious

Ah... Delicious. My mum got like, twenty high-fives from me for these. Ask Sonshine. They were the bom-diggity-yo.

And in my post about my week in writing over at my Other Blog I mentioned Devil Tylenol and look what the fabulous Blam made:

Devil strength, Tylenol from Hell. Ahahahahaha... Amazing.


Joan Crawford said...

Yum! I love scones. I worked at a bakery for a bit and one day an English lady came in and ordered a scone, and I gave it to her with butter and she was horrified. "Where is the jam!?" She squawked at me, "You can't eat a scone without jam!"

She weirded me out. I can't even look at jam the same way anymore.

AchingHope said...

Scones with jam? How odd.

I can't look at jam the same way, because it reminds me of jelly, and today my dad made meatballs with ketchup and jelly, and even though they tasted alright, the combination just sounds so... unappealing.