Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Bit Disturbing...

So, I was feeling sick and I wanted decongestant to make my lungs happy. So I went into our bathroom to look through our medicine cabinet.

And lo and behold, we did have have many medicines in all shapes and sizes. We even had organic "natural stuff" too. Like arnica gel! Which is magical.

It makes owwy bruises go away into never-never land. Anyway. So I was there in the cupboard (well, not really in it, but my hand was in it... Okay, my fingers were in it, alright?) and I pulled out the bottle of decongestant, and it looked a little strange so I peered my buggy eyes at the bottle and what should I find but a very interesting expiration date:

And in case you don't believe me I have a second, nearly-exactly-the-same-but-not-quite, picture.

Yes, you saw that correctly my friends. Unless you didn't, which I can't tell, so I will say it aloud. And in print, since you can't hear me. That date clearly says that it expires October 2006. Oh, lovely, I thought to myself. Now I can go die a horrible death. But I wasn't serious so I made my mum and dad buy me new medicine and I ate pie.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I meant to write about this at the beginning of the month, but hey, it's been a busy busy month. SO.

There is this amazing thing called NanoWriMo where you write a novel in a month. It stands for National Novel Writing Month and it is some very super cool organization. So far I am about 60% done with my novel. Which, I was hoping to be mostly done by now, so that I could focus just onschool during Thanksgiving Break, but agani, shas la na. (Which is a saying that sorta' means 'ah well, come what may' or something.)

Anyway :D

That is all.