Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What I Shouldn't Do...

Here is one simple reason why one should NOT try and cook pizza while watching LOST:

I like to put seasonings on my personal size pizza, because my brother Dave showed it to me, and trust me when I say it is some good stuff. Unfortunately, in my mad rush to NOT MISS A LOST SECOND, I accidentally poured about HALF the stinking bottle onto my pizza, instead of a light dusting.

Here is a closer view:

I'm ready for my close-up!

And as much as I enjoy Italian seasonings... when your seasonings crunch as much as the pizza crust, there just might be a problem.


Yes. The problem is pizza turning into an EVIL ALIEN PIZZA!

So next Tuesday I'm just going to watch LOST and not worry about Evil Alien Pizza. Though, if there happens to be Evil Alien Pizza in next weeks episode, or the one after that, I totally called it and you all owe me one can of Tuna Fish.

Uoogh... I think I'm never going to eat tuna fish ever again
That just looks so...
*face turns green*
Excuse me while I go find a trash bin.

1 comment:

Evil Blam said...

Mmm... Tuna fish and potato skins. Pour on some bone marrow and you have yourself a hearty meal, eh.