Sunday, February 14, 2010

Percy Jackson Review

So my sis SonshineMusic and I went to see the Percy Jackson movie tonight. Tah-dah:

So this is my review of thus mentioned movie:

It began as most movies do, opening credit type-words that inform you as to who has made the movie. The first name came up, fine, boring whatever. But then the words/letters come up that say: 1492 and my sis and I turn and say at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME:

"Columbus sailed the ocean blue
In fourteen hundred ninety-two."

Well, at least we started two before we started our theatre laughs. This is where you take your sweatshirt, pull the sleeve over your hand, and then shove your hand in your mouth to muffle the giggly noises.

Keep in mind, the movie has barely even started and we're already laughing. So we settle down and are reading the names that come up on the screen. There's Sean Bean, and some other people, and then the name Pierce Brosnan comes up (or however you spell his name) and in complete unison Sonshine and I turn and theatre whisper: "Peirce Brosnan!" And this is where I whispered: "Isn't he that guy mum think is cute?" Sonshine shushed me.

"I'm a centaur!"

Then Sean Bean (aka Boromir) came onto screen and there is only one thing I could think of:

I am muffling laughter while my sweatshirt sleeve is getting wet. The rest of the movie was pretty uneventful, sweatshirt-wise. The actor they got to play Percy was perfect, spot-on. Grover was cast well, and Percy's mum was better than I expected. As soon as I saw Annabeth though I almost ripped someone's face off. She is suppose to be blonde. Why didn't she dye her hair? Why was she making the most ridiculous "I'm-spazzing-out-and-dying" faces? Why in every single shot while fighting did she look like she was thinking "I'm so sexy." Once she was over the "I'm so sexy and spazzing out" she was pretty good.

I'm sexy and spazzing out

There was one other part though, that I must warn you about. When Percy, Grover, and Annabeth went down on their way to Hades they meet the ferryman, Charon. There, lurking in the shadows while stroking an ugly dead-looking bird, was EVIL BLAM!!! He was having tea with Charon (I think I saw a parasol behind his foot). It was most disturbing.

Evil Blam is lurking in the shadows! Look for the parasol!

So over-all it was a good movie. (Other than the Evil Blam sighting, obviously.) It was different than a book, but DUH, movie and books are different mediums, different palettes, different kinds of animals. There were some good line. "This is a pen" being one of the most memorable.


And the end blip was just hilarious.

Over all I give it a -1 on the E-o-M.


SonshineMusic said...

It WAS EB and that scene was therefore the most terrifying one of the movie for me. Him and that creepy bird. ::shudders and hides under the bed::

AchingHope said...

Yes. It may have made it the most terrifying movie ever. [Except for that one with the ship and the rocking horse that Dad was watching once late at night when I was tired and jumpy and SCARED like ridiculously much]

Evil Blam said...

I have no recollection of being in a filmed motion picture, eh. Where is my payment of maple-sugar candies and bone marrow? Also, parasols are for pu-- er, uh, kittycats. Eh.
Verification word: Don't say I never did anything for you, cowering woman-child.

AchingHope said...

You were going to say purple aliens, weren't you? Gasp!!

And I am proud to be a cowering woman-child, thank you very much.