Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Am a CopyCat

Heloo, my sister, SonshineMusic, did this thing where she wrote down ten of her favorite things. She, of course, did not speak of things which are obviously her favorites, but of things un-obviously her favorites. I, being her younger sister and copycat, decided that I would do just such a thing. But instead of ten things I will do seven point five things instead.

1. I love being just a little bit stalkerish. I don't know why but I get a thrill from looking up people in the yellow/white pages and finding out where they live and work. Ah, the life of a psychopath *jealous*

This, apparently, is an Undead Stalker

2. I really think wombats are cute. I'm not a big fan of animals, but I was looking up pictures the other day, and I saw this wombat, and he was just so adorable.

Awww... Cuteness!

3. There is something about vanilla wafers that makes me happy. Every time I think of them I kind of go into this semi-catatonic state where I feel like melted butter sitting in a lovely teacup. Or something.

I am a lovely teacup!

4. The smell of wood. And no, not like trees, silly, but WOOD. Today at work I was unpacking these pretty frames with pictures inside, and they are made with trips of fresh new wood and it is delectable smelling. Ah, sigh.

This is WOOD

5. I love having friendly debates about ridiculous things, like time travel, whether or not Adam and Eve could kill themselves, how one would measure wit and eloquence, and which would be the best way to die. This is why I am such a fan of LOST, for reals.

Where are we, when are we, and why are there rabbits?

6. I love the word spleen. Whether I'm having an undercover spleenechtomy, melon-balling someone's spleen out, or simply shouting out that my spleen hurts, it is always fun. I have no idea why. I definitely think it should win funniest body organ of the year award.

This is a Panda having a Spleenechtomy

7. And I love everyone over at Nikki Stafford's blog. They are as super as... Super glue!

Super, Super Glue!

7.5 I love it when purple and green spotted cats open up brown striped boxes with their tiny little paws and then...

Well, there you have it. 7.5 of my favorite things :)


Blam said...

And I love everyone over at Nikki Stafford's blog.

Joan Crawford said...

I like doing "research" on people too :D

AchingHope said...

@Joan: Yay! We can be creepy together! Only...really we're not together because we live far away from each other. But we can be together in stalker-spirit

@Blam: Is Zzzzzttt! the sound of a zap gun?

Blam said...

Is Zzzzzttt! the sound of a zap gun?
No, it's the sound of a buzzer. You're just wrong, not disintegrated. (Sorry to take a week and a half to tell you that.)

AchingHope said...

@Blam You can take as long as you need, your comments are well worth it.

Ah, I see. Now I can hear the buzzer.