Saturday, February 20, 2010

When Broccoli Inspires Great Cogitation

This is a piece of broccoli that looks like it's wearing a shower cap! Okay. Maybe that's just me, but what better intro to my discussion?


This past night I was helping serve food at my church's Couple's Night (or whatever it was called.) I was watching over the appetizer table (although, I'm not sure what I was expected to do. I have no qualms with having one use fingers to procure veggie wedges.) I was busy trying not to scream "use your hands people!" when it hit me. Why do we encumber our hands with these devices called "utensils" (which I always have issues with, just watch me attempt to cut meat) when our hands were created with uncomparable dexterity? It was like watching a badly written poem as people fumbled to collect sliced fruit with tooth picks, cheese slices with tongs.

This is not what our food looked like. It was dark. I could not take a picture.

How sad that we live in a world so rampant with diseases and germs that one cannot feel comfortable simply using their hands, when hands are obviously far superior to plastic and metal sticks with prongs.

As much as utensils hate me, I have to admit these are just adorable
Although a little bit bizarre. Do they clip together like toys?

Oh! And utensils remind me of this spoon I saw at a friend's house the other day:

Yes, this is a Shovel Spoon
How sweet is that!?

I grabbed the spoon and insisted on taking a picture of it while most people in the room either stared at me, or gave me side-long glances. Apparently it is unusual to take pictures of spoons. Even spoons that look like shovels.


Joan Crawford said...

How cute is that knife-fork-spoon set?!
I am such a germaphobe. I wasn't always this way, I used to be a "normal". Then I got pregnant and started using my elbows to press elevator buttons and such. I used to stay up late at night and watch the hand-held stem cleaner commercials in rapture. Hah!

VW: Teoprope

I am sorry but the X-ray clearly shows you have an enlarged teoprope - we are going to go in through the nostril to remove it. But just think - you'll be just like a pharaoh!

Joan Crawford said...

Make that STEAM cleaner. Stem cleaner? What the hell is a stem cleaner?

AchingHope said...

@Joan: But just think - you'll be just like a pharaoh! Ahahaha...

And I suppose a stem cleaner is for true germaphobes. Even the stems of their vegetables must be perfectly clean.