Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scrap a' Honest

A long time go my sis SonshineMusic gave me:

Just a Scrap a' Honest

So here is the truth: I am very rarely embarrassed. I mean, there are times where I blush from awkward moments, but they pass so quickly that I hardly remember them. But I will try to come up with something. They will probably mostly be about the things I do that I know embarrass other people.

1) The way I eat my food. Apparently the way I eat bananas is disgusting. And when Sonshine and I went to London she was absolutely mortified to sit on the same bench as me while we ate croissants. (And for more stories of out adventures in London, keep an eye out on Sonshine's blog, because she said she would post something there. Mwahaha! Now she MUST do it.)

She is too far away for you to see her look of fright.
She is trying to find a way to escape, but she will find none.

2) A few weeks back, the father, Sonshine and I went to wal-mart in order to find food. Even though it was snowing enough to bury a large gnome. Hey, even a large Dwarf would probably be buried at this point. Anyway, so we were looking at frozen pizzas and I started singing "Home on the Range" while kicking my feet up in the air. One of the people who work there was staring at me. He looked like he was reaching for his walk-talki to call the police. Oh no you don't, buster. I will sing in the aisles if I want to.

I am dancing behind the camera, while everyone runs quickly away

3) Which reminds me of this picture. I am definitely embarrassed of this one.

Okay, there was definitely one where I looked worse
And I so felt like a hooker here. Ugh.

4) The way I am almost always shouting out embarrassing things. Like: “You have a wet shiny head!” Okay, I never shouted that one. But I was this close, which was bad enough. Just like the other day I almost said to someone with the last name ‘Saladino’ “Mmmm…. Salad.”

I am mad hungry right now. Mmm...

5) It’s embarrassing how close I am to being an overly large baby. Want the list?

a) Drink out of a sippy cup (not entirely my fault. We have to have covered cups if we eat int eh TV room, so I need some kind of lid and that's what we have. I could use a straw, but why should I waste one when I can just sip?)

b) I ramble on unintelligibly (just ask Sonshine. The other night I used like fifty words and none of them had anything to do with each other.)

c) The way I eat (as mentioned before)

d) I still whine like a baby (only sometimes when I'm really, really tired, but still.)

e) Uh... I think all dignity is gone at this point, but I'll stop here anyway, before it gets ridiculous.

f) Oh! And I drink milk as if tomorrow it will be outlawed and unavailable from even the non-law-abiding-peeps.

Mmm... Milk

6) While at work some older guy said something about: "I'm sure you girls know all of the cute single guys who come in through here." This is when I became aware that my face is WAY too easy to read, because the guys says, "Oh, ho! I can see she CAN think of all the single hot guys."

How I wished I could have named him a liar without becoming the very thing I wished to call him.

Okay, so I had the hardest time finding a good picture of
"Cute Christian Guys"
So I just got this picture, before realizing that it will sound like
I think Cute Christian Guys are Chickens.
I don't, okay? There were just not good cute guy pictures

I'm sure there's more embarrassing things that I do, or say, or have had happened to me, but this is all I can think of.

Oh. And I apologize for the lack of Retail Wednesdays. Last week was mid-terms, this week is Spring Break. Also, as soon as I decided to be on the look-out for wack-o people, they all disappeared. I'm getting annoyed at all of the super nice people coming in. what is wrong with them?


Falen said...

Yay! We got to see a picture of you!
i don't tend to get too embarrased about things either. It's much easier just to let that moment go. Because who wants to be emabarrased, amiright?

Teebore said...

Yeah, I used to get embarrassed a lot, now I have no shame.

Yay! I love seeing pictures of people I only know via their blogger identity.

AchingHope said...

I seriously contemplated not putting my picture up, because for a while I was big on super anonymity, but I figure it doesn't matter. If you really want to stalk me, you'll find a way to find a picture of me anyway.

Plus, who doesn't love Ronald McDonald? I kid, I kid...

Blam said...

Which reminds me of this picture. I am definitely embarrassed of this one.
And you're the one on the... right?