Thursday, April 1, 2010

A-Z Challenge

Check out Lee's blog, Tossing it Out for the A-Z Blogging Challenge! I'm going to mostly be doing it over at my writing blog: Here! Here! Here! (Sorry, that sounds annoying, doesn't it?) But I will probably end up doing some posts (like retail ones) over here.

Basically the challenge is to write every day of April (except for Sundays) and to do the first one with the theme of something that begins with the letter A, and the next day B and so forth. It sounds interesting, and will help keep me blogging, so why not?

Oh. Because I might lose my sanity? Psha... That's not important.

*shudder* Creepy


Falen said...

i kinda want to do this. BUT not enough to blog on saturdays which i have a strict rule against

Juliegoose said...

Wow, this sounds like an awesome challenge. I blog over random funniness, so I think this might actually be a great thing to blog about.

Palindrome said...

No blogging on weekends!!