Monday, April 12, 2010

F is for Failure

I Feel like I haven't posted over here in Forever, so I wanted to write something Fast in order to not Feel like a Failure at liFe.

Or something like that. Plus it gives me an excuse to write some atrocious poetry:

Failure makes you cry
Bang out the question "why."
It makes you feel inept
And hate the word adept.

Failure writes your name
In sand- to wash away.
There is no hall of fame,
Just a line of yesterdays.

Failure makes you grow.
You're tough enough to know
Life ain't perfect
So get over it.

Failure gives you a chance,
To trip and fall and dance
And look at a crack, cracked floor
Which you never would have seen before.

In a word:
Failure is an Open Door.
Success is closed, locked and dead.
Which one do you prefer?

There you have it!

Fake Cheese *insert grossed out face here*


Palindrome said...

you know I sang that to my laptop hoping to inspire him to start working again...but no. Poopy.

cheer up, Charlie! You're doing just fine!

AchingHope said...

Cheer up Charlie... Oh, how I hated that song. We always fast forwarded it. As well as that mountain singing song with that nun lady.

Hope your laptop feels better.

Falen said...

HA! Love that cat.
Also i like fake cheese on cheeseburges and for grilled cheese samiches

AchingHope said...

I can no longer eat fake cheese. I think of rubber. Yellow rubber.

And then I cannot eat the cheese. :(