Friday, April 2, 2010

B is for Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Finally, my sis and I have started watching Buffy, I had watched almost all of season 1 on Hulu (which was torturous, although I did laugh every time it came up saying "buffering" because Buffy and Buffering start with the same four letters, lame I know) but then my sis got the whole season collection (and the Angel seasons) for her birthday so I got all kinds of excited because I could watch them for real on a television and everything.

Except it took her stinkin' forever to actually getting around to watching them, and I wanted to wait and watch them with her because we're like that. Ahhh! It was terrible. Finally, though, we started watching them. We've watched one every night possible for the last month at least.

I LOVE it. Although, what kind of name is Buffy anyway? "Aw, I just had a baby. I'm going to name it a weird name that doesn't exist so that she can be made fun of for life!" What a cruel mother.

Mother: I will name you Buffy
Child: That's a stupid name.
Mother: Shut up! I'm naming you.
Child: You have a weird hat.


Spike just has some of the best lines EVER.

And Angel definitely is palatable (I think Joan Crawford originally coined that phrase), and Sonshine and I have agreed that Xander has his Chandler moments, which is great.

Ahahaha... Xander's hair!


SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Angel=very palatable.

Xander so Chandler.

Creepy lady - but I think she was only creepy because of your caption

VW: pinedgi - the sharp side of the pin

Caledonia Lass said...

Hmm... I have Netflix, I may have to watch Buffy and Angel. I like Charmed, too and have all those.

And Buffy... must be a throwback to Valley Girl days. "Like, oh my gah, Buffy! Your hair is like totally cool!"

Yeah... sorry. Heh! :)

Falen said...

wait wait wait wait...WAIT.
Have you not watched Buffy and Angel before...? What about Firefly?

Joan Crawford said...

"...You have a weird hat."


You know, my sister loves Buffy too - but I have never seen an episode. I really think I should...I am going to hold off and see if Nikkin is doing a rewatch so I can do it with other people :)

AchingHope said...

@Sonshine: I have the power to make someone creepy? Mwahahaha >:)

@Caledonia Lass: Ooh, you should! They have some hilarious corny moments, but the rest is very good.

@Falen: Of course not. I only recently started watching tv and stuff. YES I have seen Firefly! Only recently, and it was AMAZING! My sis and I have been re-watching it with the parents.

@Joan: I know some people were saying they were going to do a re-watch. It's much more fun to watch stuff with other people.

Palindrome said...

I can't believe you've never watched Buffy. Have you been living under a rock?! A rock I say!

It is only like one of my top 5 TV shows EVA!!

AchingHope said...

@Palindrome: Yes. A very lovely rock the shade of okra.

Falen said...

I'm so exited for you watching Buffy for the first time EVAH!


oooooohhhh just WAIT until you get to the musical episode!

AchingHope said...

REALLY???? That is the most exciting thing ever!!!

Teebore said...

Oh, the musical episode is real, and totes awesome. And still not the best episode of the show.

Buffy is also one of my favorite shows of all time. You'll love it.

Blam said...

I declare that Buffy is the undiluted base from which awesomesauce is made.

Joan: How can you join a rewatch if you've never seen the show before? Ya burnt!

AchingHope: There was a girl named Buffy in the theater-arts camp I attended the summer before high school. She had that lazy Valley Girl pronunciation that you actually find on both coasts, so she pronounced here own name "Bah-fahy". Ugh.

VW: larystab — How Lary kil hiz naybur. Lary a badd man. Wach owt for Lary.

Blam said...

here own name

Dagnabbit! I blame Joan. She brought typo cooties to my blog and now I'm infectified.

AchingHope said...

Hahaha... Where do you come up with such amazing verification words? I am still laughing.


Blam said...

Hahaha... Where do you come up with such amazing verification words? I am still laughing.

Well, if you look at how many comments of mine don't have definitions, it's clear that sometimes either Blogger or my mind (or both) fails to cooperate. Case in point, for reals, my last two prompts were the actual word colons and the impossible word unsverc. A peek behind the glamour and mystery... 8^)

Alan Andrews said...

@Falen and Aching Hope: Full well Firefly is the shiniest.

Naomi Ruth said...

@Alan: I <3 Firefly. And tis true in reference to its shininess.