Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This is So Rambly, You'll Want to Bite Your Head off (Or Something Equally Violent)

I started writing this blog post like, AGES, ago and even though it's outdated it has some important info so I wanted to copy and paste it in here:

"Yes, you may have noticed that it isn't Wednesday. That's because there was a time vortex swirling outside of my window, and it caused some time fluctuations. You may be thinking, "but hey, Rebecca-Sunshine posted as usual." That's because Rebecca is so cool, and so non-flustered, that the time vortex bowed to her responsible nature and left her alone.

Okay. Myabe not. But I kinda' wish that all was true.

Anyway, I still wanted to post this, because it is a very important post. I'm gittin' outta' Retail. Yes. I'm quitting. *angelic singing* This means that I won't be doing Retail Wednesdays. I'll probably post about my new job, and there's some posts about Driving that I want to do.

What I wanted to do was post a letter that I wrote to my boss (I didn't give it to him), but I realized I really couldn't post it without serious ramifications. Or something like that. So instead..."

And that's when who knows what happened and I never finished, which is all sadness. I truly despise when such things happen, because you know something could have happened, and then it didn't. Like, I found the beginning of a story the other day, and I could tell it was going somewhere, but because I had started when I was like, 13, I knew I would never be able to write that story.

Anyway, this is SlumpvisMusings, NOT my writing blog so let me switch back over to Random Mode.

Because I quit a couple of weeks ago I have no retail stories. I don't even have any stories from my new job, except for the prank phone call. Hey! I could tell you that!

Wait, wait, focus.

Instead I'm going to tell you a long-winded tale that will eventually get to a point where I explain an experience I had where I was the customer instead of being the Crazy Retail Lady.

Let me preface this with a most oft' repeated quote: "Never meet people from the internet." You know, your mum tells you that, your dad tells you that, the mailman tells you that, and the crazy lady down the road with the dog from Hades tells you that.

Continuing on:

Last Friday the sis and I went to NYC! Yup.

I love this. It may have been in the middle of the city, but the Green was still alive and thriving. If I were a Greeny Enviro Person I would've just died from rapture. As it was, I snapped as many pictures as I could and tried not to think of too many stories.

This was an important place? Like, the Empire State Building or something? I don't know, I was distracted by something shiny.

And this was just another cool building thingy.

Anyway, we also went to the Strand (which was amazing!! I bought Shakespeare!!) and then we went to Borders. As some of you know my sister works for Borders instead of that other one. We looked around and there were NO seats, except the ones around the special events section, and we knew there was going to be a special event so we stayed away, found a quiet corner in the IR section and sat on the floor.

Nary a customer came by. There was the worker lady trying to put something away, and she couldn't find where it went so I tried to be helpful and point it out to her, but she ignored me so I shut up.

Yeah, whatever. I know as a Retail Worker that it's humiliating to admit that sometimes Customers see things you don't. All right. So I was trying to at least think nice thoughts toward the lady. Even though Customers see things I don't sometimes, and it saves time and energy to accept help instead of putting things in the wrong spot (cue OCD spazz out!!)

I was looking through the books while my sis went to the Special Room Where all the Poop Goes and I was browsing and started reading a book because it was way more interesting than I thought it would be. Suddenly I hear a grating noise. What is that grating noise? Why won't that grating noise stop?

I look up.

There is a Worker Person glaring at me. "Excuse me, excuse me." She kept repeating in an annoying kinda' nasally coughy voice that made me want to slap the nearest breathing human being.

She wasn't human, so I didn't slap her. Instead I said, "Yes?"

"We don't like customers to sit on the floor and read. If you must read there are chairs in the special events section?"

"Okay," trying to be demure and not stare at her overly rudely. She stomps away. She stomps back.

"Excuse me, ex-"


"I'm just waiting for my sister."

"Well, the chairs are right over there."

Well, Miss Snooty-pa-Tooty, I don't care. I ignore her and wait until the sis comes back. Fortunately, instead of sitting in the Special Events corner (with the uncomfortable plastic seats [I don't want to sit on no plastic seats, I was mad tired. Give me a floor over plastic any day. Unless it's a cup. I'd rather drink from a plastic cup than a cup made...of...floor?]) there were comfy seats open. So we sit and read.

It's quiet.

For two seconds.

Until the three immature teenagers in the aisle over start hackling like hyenas reading really bad puns. Se-ri-ous-ly. The one girl is lounging her head in the guys lap and the other girl keeps standing up-sitting down-standing up-sitting down. I'm waiting for the "Excuse Me" lady to come stalking over, but she doesn't, so I figure she only does that to the IR people.

Oh-ho, no!

My sis and I are about to leave and so I return the book to the IR section and what do I see? Five pre-teens sitting on the floor reading a book!!!! I thought they didn't like customers to do that? Hm? But apparently the "Excuse Me" lady just didn't like me. Maybe she was the same Worker that wouldn't listen to me try and help her and she was ANGRY!!!! or something.

I don't know.

But my annoyance didn't stay around for long because my sis and I went to the Jekyll and Hyde Club to meet up with people from the Internet.

But wait! I thought your mailman told you not to meet up with people from the internet?

It's okay, kids. I got permission from my folks.

No, seriously. My sis and I were standing outside of the Club waiting for Nikki Stafford and other Losties and I thought I was going to DIE. This was breaking Rules! I am not a Rule Breaker! However, the sis wasn't about to leave, and it was a good thing to, or else I would've missed out on a pretty sweet napkin diagram.

Okay, now that I've probably confused just about everyone, here are some links to other posts about the Lost Meet-Up I went to, which probably most of you don't know that's kinda' what this post was about.

Those are all the ones I know about.

Oh, and I may have forgotten to tell you that I'm kinda' sick and that Ibuprofen stuff kicks in just about now, and I like, never take drugs so when I do my brain goes loopier than... Something realy loopy. Like, um, earrings?


Palindrome said...

That was so rambly you hurt my brain but I'm also on a lot of medication so I'm loopy too.

We will never conquer the world this way. Never. *shaking head sadly*

Joan Crawford said...

It is so weird when authoritarians seek you out, isn't it? It happens to me too - don't feel bad. I don't seek out just seems to find me. Sounds like you guys had an awesome day! Were any other pics of the group taken? All this talk of trains and dark jealous :)

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Hey! I was getting a book to read goofball! *shakes head while trying not to look embarassed*

Falen said...

The Special Room Where All The Poop Goes is what i'm now going to refer to all bathrooms as

AchingHope said...

@Palindrome: Awww... :( That's sad. I so wanted to conquer the world.

@JoanC: It was weird. Most of the time people like me and don't abnormally hate me, so it threw me.

I don't know, but I didn't take any pics of people, because whenever I take pics of people they look worse than decapitated monkeys. It's a gift, but one I must use rarely.

@Reebee... Haha! Just kidding! *backs away* Hey, swipe that murderous look off yo face! *screams and runs away*

Well. So much for my comment.

@Falen: Haha... Yes! I have officially changed the world! Ahahaha...

Jessica said...

I told your sister I was going to complain to the GM of that store about how rudely you were treated (he was at one time the gm at the Poughkeepsie store when I was there). That was just plain rude!!!

Lisa and Laura said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!

Blam said...

a cup made...of...floor

LOL, LOL, LOL in ze hay!

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