Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Scary Things

There were quite a few books and movies that truly freaked me out when I was younger. I still can't figure out why. Especially when they are other NORMAL people's faves. Yes. Normal people are scary, aren't they?

I was totally inspired to write this post by Hannah/Palindrome.

They are not in any order at all, just by memory alone. I'm sure I'll forget one or two things that creeped me out too much, but my brain shut them away.

Fern Gully.

My sis just bought this for my other sis, Rae, for her birthday and I still got shivers thinking of watching it. Can't you feel yourself just beginning to tremble in fear? No? Huh. That's weird.


Man, those donkey's were SCARY! I was terrified of turning into a donkey and then being swallowed by a whale for years! In fact, I'm at the beach right now, and looking out at the ocean *shudders* I'm not growing a tail yet, so that's a good sign.


I didn't even see all of this movie (just part of it on TV once) and it gave me nightmares for years.

Where the Wild Things Are

I was so scared of this I refused to read it. Only recently my friend read it to me when we stopped in a Barnes and Noble. It wasn't really scary anymore, I just found it stupid instead. It was weird. Just weird.

There is another book that I was completely TERRIFIED of. It had a little bear, or something, that went out into the woods late at night and there were creepy creatures with lanterns. I thought it was Little Bear, but it wasn't. If I ever remember I'll post it up here, but for now that's all I can remember.


Palindrome said...

LOL, none of those scared me. I loved most of them. I could care less about Where the Wild Things Are. Never saw the appeal.

I can't think of anything really ridiculous that I've been afraid of...and I'm a big fear fighter so I watch tons of scary movies and read a lot of horror.

Me and Mr. Puddy wanna watch a scary movie.

zz said...

Yes, fern gully was definately freaky. Alice in Wonderland alway kinda gave me the creeps. Little girl lost meeting all kinds of weird strangers...

Falen said...

pinnochio is definately creepy. I was always confused about those boys doing at that bad stuff.

Also have you seen the new Where The Wild Things Are movie? now there's something full of anxiety

AchingHope said...

@Palindrome: Hey, being a fear fighter is mad important. I'll cower behind couches gulping like a fish, I'll let you fight all the scary monsters that come to attack the world.

I'll make you a smoothie in thanks.

@zz: Hm... Why wasn't I scared of Alice in Wonderland? I mean, giant talking flowers? How much scarier can you get?

@Falen: No, I haven't because I don't understand where the plot would be, it just looks so pointless. *shudders* Plus it looked creepifying.

Blam said...

Pinocchio? Very scary. The movie and the book.

Where the Wild Things Are? Also creepy when I first read it, but it's now a creative, melancholy favorite. I will try very hard to keep liking you after you called it "stupid" but it will require effort.

VW: delitai — Enormously unsuccessful cocktail made from rum, fruit juices, and cold cuts.